Guest Lecturer / Berklee

Honored to be guest-lecturing at Berklee College of Music on Monday June 18th, 2018: 2-3:50 PM on the wonders of “music curation, licensing, and publishing.”

Berklee College of Music : Boston, MA 02215

Guest lecturing at CalArts on Thursday October 27, 2016: 6-7PM

For those in Los Angeles, I will be guest lecturing at CalArts on Thursday October 27, 2016: 6-7PM on “the current state and possible future state of the music industry, and navigating the music and media industry after graduation.”

CalArts: 24700 McBean Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355
Location: B318

Feel free to join,


NYC & Nashville

Loud to silent, and back to loud again…in the silence.

Writing some great songs with some great people. Nashville reminds me of New England. Oh, and it’s hot here.


Prince: Big Loss

Huge loss in the art world. Very upsetting to see another one down due to self medicating.  He was the true soundtrack to so many.

I got the chance to see him do a private show at a restaurant, in which he proceeded to tear through a full Hendrix set. The restaurant caught fire that night.

You decide…

As always, happy to score the Center for Reproductive Rights Gala at MOMA in NYC. Everyone should be entitled to choose!

Them kids today.

Rolls-Royce Music Box is kicking ass with a tall tower of stellar songs by some serious talent. Them kids today…

Old Skool.

Played an electronic dumbset today, I mean drumset. Fun.


Saw a peacock on the Upper West Side last week. Yes I did.

The Voice

Check out Matt McAndrew and special guests on The Voice tonight 04.27.15.


Nashville was fantastic. Lots of writing and recording. People really love music there.


Franklin, Tennessee is beautiful. Went to Puckett’s for some BBQ. Delectable, though I think turnip greens are an acquired taste, a bit strange for a New England-California palate.


  • Lots of music as of late. Did a fantastic song with the talented Matt McAndrew. What a Voice.

LA, Mexico, and Nashville

Great to be in LA and Mexico. Did a very cool pilot with Jude.  Lots of music and pensive moments. Wrote a nice song with the talented Jacq Becker.

Another song I wrote is on the ABC hit show Nashville.

Headed for the east coast where I hear it’s 84 degrees. Mark Twain said, “If you like the weather in New England, wait five minutes.”



Car Washes

Do people on the east coast wait in line for hours for a car wash? Speaking of cars, a song I wrote is in a Volkswagen commercial in Norway. That’s kind of like being “big in Japan.”

Speaking of Scandinavia, if you haven’t tried Swedish Falk Salt, go to your nearest IKEA. And after that, hop on line and pick up some Swedish Sempli glasses. Both items are a household necessity.


Lots of it. Songs.  And check out these Rolls-Royce Music Box artists on MTV’s Ex and the Why:



Sarah Aili

Tasha Layton

LA Mafia vs Stack X

DJ Babyboi

AM Light


Always nice to escape Manhattan and seek refuge in beautiful North Shore of Massachusetts with my girlfriend. It’s much like the British countryside; hills dotted with houses, the vast ocean, sprawling marsh, sometimes grey, tall trees, the rarity of the sun, rain, wildlife including rabbits, deer, polecats, squirrels, turtles, swans, and an array of colorful singing birds.


NYC…Again. SIR & T.T.

Amazing sessions with She’s Ryan (SIR) and Slimmy Neutron at HVLO HALO NYC.


Tramayne Tirrell killing it in the studio and on stage. Watch for performances around Los Angeles.

SIR Tramayne Tirrell 2014

East Coast.

Strange happenings here on the east. Logged 80k miles this past year in flight travel; all as I try to stay out of airports. In Boston now. A beautiful sadness (this oxymoron=melancholia) occurs. Snow, dark skies, wet streets,  silence, a cacophony inside a beating heart.




NYC for a week of writing & producing. Lots of good stuff for 2014.  Until next month…stay warm.

Wrapped up steller new song “Thorns” with Tramayne Tirrell. 2014. T.T.

Too many airplanes, too many airports, no more, no mas. Vacation time. Off to Mexico. Sending some sun from Mexico to everyone back east. Good thing London was moved to February. My documents just expired;-)

Happy Holidays!

ABC’s Back in the Game/Angel Transmission

Yes, for fans of ABC’s “Back in the Game,” you did hear “Angel Transmission.” I was 30k feet in the air, and did not hear it, though did wave to some passing angels I saw through the window. It was dark. I saw flowing white fabric and a trumpet or two.

The Fox Must Pay/Adidas

Check out Trash Junk’s Remix of the Fox Must Pay’s Xtraordinary Things in Adidas’ Smart Run campaign.

Autumn 2013

Lots of great writing sessions happening. Keep your ears out in 2014.

Also, proud to have scored the Center for Reproductive Right’s 2013 campaign.

NYC next week….


NYC: Fabulous as Ever

2 Songs with the madness that is She’s Ryan. A serious force. Big Bombs in 2014 with this girl. HVLO

NYC rain is tantamount to 1001 red roses strewed across a crystalline beach.


In Boston & NYC. Heatwave; in the studio too. New Tramayne Tirrell song “Let Down” & new song with the talented Andreah Ernandez “Quedate Me Recuerdo.” Sarah Aili stomped it in Nashville. There are 2 SEH co-writes on her new record. A serious voice indeed.

July Heat

July Heat

Summer 2013

Lots of happenings. Wrote a great song with Sheppard Solomon and Tramayne Tirrell with a secret title. And another with Jude called “Battery.”  E3 is here, The Fox Must Pay are back in the studio with some late summer singles planned, and the air is getting hot. From under the sun in L.A., stay cool.

Watch The Voice! March 25th!

Why? Because Luke Edgemon is sure to rock. I haven’t seen The Voice, but Luke and I did a fab song a while back.  And the boy can sing!

Rolls-Royce Music Box at The Stable

RRMB at The Stable

Cool happenings at the Stable.

Known for its eclectic styling, Rolls–Royce Music Box is unlocking a stable of composers of the highest caliber. Our boutique roster has scored across the board for Hollywood heavyweights such as Michael Mann to gaming giants like Electronic Arts, Emmy Award winning television shows to hit songs around the world.



The Fox Must Pay now on KCRW

Listen to The Fox Must Pay’s first single, Xtraordinary Things and request it on KCRW at 310.450.5183.
Xtraordinary Things – The Fox Must Pay
In 2013, retro-electro The Fox Must Pay will release their self-titled debut EP. Epic dreamscapes and dramatic themes, wine and cigarettes, six sonic tales of slashed hearts and telescopic soul searching.


World Class Studios with slow-to-no internet. It is still home, a veces.

The Fox Must Pay

The Fox Must Pay. Finishing album in Los Angeles now. EP out in 2013! 6 songs of heartbreak with no light at the end of the tunnel. Hear and request Xtraordinary Things on KCRW.