Steven Evanne Heinstein is an American songwriter, producer, and composer.  A multi-instrumentalist, he studied performance and business at U.S.C.’s Thornton School of Music and creative writing & poetry at Emerson College.

He has written, performed, and produced songs with a diverse group of internationals artists from Beth Hirsh to Max Graham, to more commercial pop from UK popstar Darius Campbell to appearing on soundtracks alongside Katy Perry and Adele.  He has written and produced Glee and American Idol alums and then provided the music for seedy downtown art galleries alongside Bjork, all in the same day. His songs have been recorded by major label artists in the UK, Australia, North and South America, and Europe, and have appeared in over 60 television shows.

He has scored art installations and video games, while his compositions have soundtracked advertising spots worldwide.

Prior to all of this, Steven was in multiple bands with various record deals and traveled frequently across the U.S., Europe, Australia, and South America.

He was 1/3 of the band The Fox Must Pay (Xtraordinary Things 2013), and also the founder of Rolls-Royce Music Box, an international publishing catalogue of independent and major label artists and songs. The Audio Stable, an award winning production music library and composer representation agency, is also a part of Roll-Royce Music Box Media.

RRMB Media is involved with “left field” advertising and strategy, production, IP & Rights management, and acquisition.

In 2013, Steven began publishing & business consulting, successfully working with top-tier entertainment and media companies both creatively and in business. 


Contact: info@rollsroycemusicbox.com